Fill this in with stuff about you

  • Age: 20
  • Where I’m from: Argentina
  • Where I would like to live: New York
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Sexual orientation: Lesbian
  • Single/taken: Single
  • Eye color: Green
  • Favorite movie: A Clockwork Orange
  • Favorite TV show: Community
  • Favorite band/singer: Misfits / Marina & The Diamonds
  • Random fact about me: I'm a human disaster
  • Favorite day of the year: Halloween
  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Pets: None
  • What I’m listening to right now: Devils Don't Fly by Natalia Kills
  • Last movie I’ve watched: Evil Dead
  • What’s my ringtone: Intimate by Crystal Castles
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